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Free Youtube comments

If you are trying to develop your page on YouTube, you must have thought about how you can get a custom bot that would deliver your quality comments on YouTube channel; or where you can find a hack or a generator or a website with an unlimited number of free trials… Well, you have to come down to earth now.

Sadly enough, if we’re talking about the trials, there are only several ones available for you for free, and if you’d made a decision to keep on working with a company, you’d have to put money into the process.

Youtube comments - Vip YT

However, before feeling sad and overwhelmed, try using this scheme:

1) call your friends, family and acquaintances for help, that will give you several dozens of commentaries under each video (if you’re an extrovert person with lots of relations).

2) communicate with people who randomly come to your channel and be friendly to them; always be there to answer their questions and try to create a lively discussion with them. That will give you some more comments.

3) take on free trials that are available on some decent promo websites. Those will include from 10 to 50 commentaries that are going to be spread amongst your already existing videos. Voila, you have enough commentaries under each video, and it was free!

If that is not enough and you’re minding serious business, you’d have to proceed to using a chance to buy YouTube comments now. It will cost you some money, but it will also give you a guarantee that those notes won’t ever be deleted and you’ll have them on your channel forever.

That’s nice, isn’t it? But before jumping into purchasing everything you see, settle down and think a little bit: what number of notes do you need, when and what for. Think about the size of your channel and the suitability of the certain packages (what we mean: don’t buy too much for a channel that’s too small).

Try to organize your promotion in the most natural way possible, so people who will start to come to your channel and subscribe to it won’t feel like they are being fooled by you.

Relevant comments on Youtube - Vip YT

When everything looks natural and the content is good, people will want to share it with other people and thus attract even more subscribers, thumbs up and comments to your channel.

And this is the goal of purchasing any paid service — it should not only give you the fulfillment of a short-term goal, but also help your account develop in the long term. Efforts are always made to create content and communicate with the audience, but the most important thing will be to give the right boost to the process.

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