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How to change font on Youtube comments

When you want to appear more emotional and precise in YouTube comments section, you should know how to change the font of your commentary. That’s a nice skill to grasp and it will come very handy at a certain point of time. And we can bet that you don’t even know how easy it can be done! Let’s figure it out together. 

So, let’s say you want to make a text bold. For that you don’t need much, just type the text and put the * around it: *like this*. After you press “leave a comment” button, it will be magically transformed. Easy as that!

Font on Youtube comments - Vip YT

You won’t believe it, but if you need a text that’s written in italics, you can do that as easily as we’ve been making our commentary bold: just add the _ around it: _like this_. Once again, after you click “leave a comment” button, the text is going to appear as the italicized commentary in the section. Magic as it is!

Last but not least, do you want to strike the comment through? Add the – around it: -like this-. Can you guess what’s going to happen after you leave a commentary in the section? You’re going to see the line across its letters. 

However, if you’re lacking comments in your own commentaries section and you’d really like to change that, we have a decision for it as well: you can buy YouTube comments and see tons of positive feedback coming to your page out of literally nowhere!

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But you really have to make sure that you’re going to buy comments from a decent company, otherwise you risk spending your money over nothing.

Read the reviews that come from previous buyers, talk to the company’s manager if needed, be here when the order starts to come to your channel and check whether the commentaries are adequate and nice, or it is obvious that these are simply generated by bots.

Needless to say, the second option is unnecessary and if something like this happens, you should stop the delivery immediately.

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