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Can’t see comments on Youtube

Sometimes it becomes impossible for people to see their own comments in YouTube and the commentaries of other people as well. Why so?

Well, if your question is “why can’t I see my comments under other people’s videos?” there might be the only thing wrong: check if you’re logged into the system. Yes, the answer is that easy, and we’ll tell you why:

It often happens that people watch the video on their Android or iPhone mobile app and then decide to leave a comment — using an app always means that you’re in your personal cabinet and you’re operating through it without having to make any additional movements, if this is your preferred way of watching the videos on various channels.

And then, when you decide to check on your commentaries through PC, you can easily forget that you are actually logged out and you won’t be able to see your own commentaries at the top of the section just like you could when you were logged in.

This is how it works on this social media — when you’re logged in you can see the commentaries at the top of the section for convenience. But when you’re out, you will be seeing them in a chronological order and you’d have to put some time in to find the needed comment.

Comments not show - Vip YT

But if you cannot see other people’s commentaries, you need to check whether it is YouTube having some difficulties with updating their system or the algorithms or there is another problem running.

If you cannot see the commentaries for several hours, don’t panic. But if that has been a long time since you’ve been able to upload the YouTube section, make sure to contact the technical support group and tell them about that problem. 

If you’re worried that there are not enough commentaries on your page, you can easily help yourself with a chance to buy YouTube comments from a decent company — but make sure that you’re purchasing the real ones, written by people and not by bots.

Otherwise, there is no need to take on such a service at all; it will ruin your reputation and will only make the whole situation worse.

Plus, don’t forget that in terms of attracting more followers to your channel you need to develop the channel in a balanced way — by taking on not only commentaries, but also subs, likes and other stuff that’s available on the promo companies websites.

That will make other people think that you have gained all of that naturally, without spending a single cent.

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