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Do dislikes matter on Youtube?

Some people tend to argue if dislikes even matter at all — the truth is, they do, but in certain situations. Comments matter way more, for example, as well as thumbs up and reposts that people can make of a video or a playlist on other social media.

Dislikes are a very subtle thing and should be analyzed only if you have a pretty big audience that can make them “visible” — we mean a situation where you get several thousands likes and several thousand dislikes. And that’s when a situation can get a little bit tricky.

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In situations like this you should really care about the balance — sometimes people just don’t get what you’ve been trying to say, or they dislike the video just because they feel like it.

Plus, there is a pretty strong canceling culture on YouTube now, and it is easy to fall into disfavor, although you haven’t even done something serious in terms of ethics. It’s not that easy to explain yourself when people cancel everything and everyone around them.

Wrap your mind around the fact that the balance depends on you only. You decide how many likes and dislikes you want to have and you’re completely able to regulate that. How is that possible? Well, you can buy YouTube dislikes.

But what are the cases when you need to do it? In situations, when you turn out to purchase too many thumbs up, for instance. In cases like this purchasing some dislikes can come in handy and help with balancing things out.

And in general, when you want to promote your channel smartly, make sure that you buy all sorts of promo services — from likes and subscribers to comments and dislikes.

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Do dislikes matter on YouTube videos?

When there are a lot of them it might get on your reputation and make it worse than before. Plus it can motivate people to cancel your content and stop watching your videos — be careful with how many you get and think why, if that happened.

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