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Fake Youtube views

Fake views for YouTube might seem like a good and smart thing to take on if you’re minding promotion of your channel, but it isn’t true. Surely, there is a generator and software that would allow you to do so, but no checker is needed if somebody would like to see if you have real or fake plays after you’d do such a thing.

Gaining fake plays is nothing hard, but to make them look natural — that’s a whole another story which is almost impossible. But what can you do if you want promotion for your channel? Are there safe and efficient methods of gaining “fake” plays that are going to look like the real ones?

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How to do it? Easily: you can buy YouTube views from a company that sells quality services to its clients. What do we mean by quality and where should you look for such a company though? Everything is going to be told in further paragraphs. 

How to get fake views on YouTube 

So as we have figured out that bots and free views that are generated by “hack” software aren’t good — where do you get plays for your videos on YouTube?

From a decent company of course; and yes, there are agencies that sell real plays that they get from actual live people — they offer them nice rewards and bonuses for participating in such things.

Actual spectators come to your channel and view your videos, and afterwards you’re able to get thousands of “fake” plays that actually come from people and not from bots. Sure, such services cost money, but these are one hundred percent more efficient than lookalike services created by bots. 

How to spot fake YouTube views 

Unfortunately, there are no ways to tell if YouTube plays are fake. The only way is to look after somebody’s plays count and if it has skipped to the number of several thousands overnight (while the channel is pretty small and barely has a dozen of subs) — this is the sign that those are probably fake.

No other tools were created yet — some websites and services claim that they can figure that out, but in fact you’d have to have access to a person’s stat, and that’s not possible without asking them for it.

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Therefore, we strongly advise you not to buy into any assurances that this or that service will be able to safely and for free analyze your or someone else’s account. Most likely, this will lead to a data leak and a waste of money.

It is better to spend them on buying views for your profile and concentrate on regularly releasing cool content and attracting more and more people to your profile.


Does YouTube pay fake views?

To get fake views for YouTube you have to pay. You can take on free trials for you channel from a decent company to see how their services work, but after that (if you’d like to get more plays) you’d have to invest money into this process.

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