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How to delete Youtube comments

Sometimes people feel really sad about all the hate that they’re getting in the comments — and it’s no wonder why they want to delete all YouTube comments at once. This is understandable and these people deserve some calmness in their lives and an ability to sort things out and remove old, hateful or their own inappropriate commentaries from YouTube.

However, if you don’t know is there a way to delete the commentaries, we’re going to disappoint you a little bit, as there is currently no way to bulk remove commentaries in YouTube, no matter if this is the question about “my comments” or you want to delete somebody’s notes from your page.

All of the comments on YouTube can be deleted only manually, going through them one by one, and in general it doesn’t quite matter if those are pinned or are in the chronological order, if these were left by your subs or total strangers.

YT treats all the notes equally and the answer to the question “Can I bulk delete commentaries?” is simply no.

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When you want to remove a certain commentary that someone or you have left under a certain video, you can easily do it. Tap in the history tab and go to the video that you remember seeing the commentary under.

Then find it and tap edit if this is yours — here you will get an option to delete as well. You can choose whether you want to change it up a little bit or remove it completely. Both options are equally okay and convenient. 

But if you’re trying to get rid of all the hateful comments, think twice. Yes, these hurt — but should you take it so close to your heart? Bad commentaries are also commentaries, and these can sometimes start very lively discussions, moreover, you can start them yourself.

Don’t try to feed the trolls and don’t try to prove something to someone; just have some fun or honest time and say whatever you feel like saying. Who knows, maybe there will be people who will want to support you?

Or maybe this person will have a dialog with you? The YT algorithm loves any activity on the channel and that’s the first thing you should have in mind while thinking about the comments section on your page. 

When you feel that someone has crossed the border in the commentaries section and you feel uncomfortable with their presence on your channel — you can safely delete their text and even block their access to your channel.

This person will no longer be able to leave their opinion under your video and somehow influence the fate of your account. This is a reasonable step; an even more reasonable step would be to report this person — YT gives such an opportunity and it should be used without hesitation. After all, online space should be as moderated as real personal space.

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But often enough newcomers don’t have enough commentaries, and that’s when an option to buy YouTube comments can come quite in handy. Your success depends straightly on the amount of feedback that your audience is going to give you.

It is logical to suppose that the more comments you have, the easier it is going to get in a never ending quest of attracting more followers and more fans to your channel.

Don’t try to save money and don’t purchase commentaries that are too cheap — these are going to be commentaries written by bots, and this is no good to anyone’s reputation. 

The vast majority of companies that sell views, subscribers and thumbs up do not do it in good faith — they frequently use bots that are fake or dead pages. They are easy to purchase and easy to manage, but they do not bring any practical benefit to the client who decided to buy some kind of promotional service.

Therefore, if you decide to take such a step, it is necessary to check what the company actually trades, otherwise you risk wasting money and being left with nothing. How to do it? Relying on reviews on the company’s website itself is almost pointless, since they are easy to fake.

To find real reviews, you need to go to third-party sites — for example, to BBB or other forums where people share experiences and opinions. You can ask your friends if they are also promoting their account on YouTube or another social network.

If you can’t find out anything about this company in any way, try talking to its manager — if a real person answers you in the chat window, this will already be a pretty good sign.


How to delete all YouTube comments on videos?

Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically remove several commentaries at once. When you want to delete them all, you have to either mess with the settings of the video (make it private) or remove all the notes one by one, manually. 

How to delete all YouTube comments in Chrome?

Sadly enough, there are no safe and stable working extensions in Chrome that would allow you to remove all the commentaries. 

How to delete all YouTube comments on app?

Sad but true, YouTube doesn’t give an opportunity to bulk remove commentaries today, no matter if you’re using a web-version or an app.

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