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Do embedded Youtube views count

One of the main questions that bloggers or businessmen who run not only a YT channel but also a website have is: does embedded view count or do you have to meet certain conditions to make embedded views count as real views?

The short answer to this question is: yes, the embedded plays definitely count, but, you have to keep in mind that there are several cases when those won’t count for views. On Youtube each play goes as the real one, but when we are talking about the websites, things become a little bit different and a bit more complicated.

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So, when will your video get no plays even though someone has kind of watched it on the website? Why is this problem so important though?

You see, for many YT bloggers the channel is not only a hobby and a way to interact with other people, but also a solid income. Or not so solid — depends on the size of the channel — but it helps to make some money either way.

Locating the video on other resources and attracting more views using them is a very smart hack to use, and when something goes wrong and people aren’t getting as many plays as they could, it is quite frustrating. 

If this was a bot, your video on the website won’t transfer any plays to Youtube. If it was you, the creator, who has watched the clip several times in a row, YT will count some of them, but to the certain limit only.

When it was someone else, but they have watched the video many-many times in one hour, YT might not count any of them at all — looks too suspicious.

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Often enough, embedded plays don’t count when the code is broken. So, the video might be displayed on the website, it might even play decently, but the plays themselves won’t count and won’t be delivered to Youtube.

If you have noticed that random people (who aren’t bots) are actually playing your clip on the website (for example, your friends have told you that they have seen it), but you’re checking no changes on Youtube, you should ask the constructor of the website for help or manage to solve the problem yourself. 

The last and the most popular reason is: your video is set on auto play. In some situations Youtube somehow counts it as real views, but in some other cases it just doesn’t. It all depends on the platform that you have used to build a website.

All in all, we wouldn’t recommend you doing it to attract people — videos that begin to play as soon as you come on the website are very much annoying, and frequently become a reason for people to leave the platform.

If you’re worried that your clip is not gaining enough plays, you should simply turn to the paid third party services that can help and give you a chance to buy Youtube views — this will come straight to your channel and will also come from real people, not bots.

You only have to make sure that you’re purchasing from a decent company and that this company is not exploiting the fakes or the inactive profiles to deliver YT views. 


Do embedded Youtube videos views count on channel?

Yes, sure, if the clip is embedded the right way, the code is functional and your video is not set to auto play. 

Do embedded Youtube views count for revenue?

Yes, if the video is embedded the right way and the plays are transferred to Youtube — this count as real views, no different from the ones that are coming straight to the channel.

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